Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm back and despite a very rocky start to the ride and some miserable weather for the first 60kms yesterday, I had a great time and can't wait to do it again next year. First off, let me say.....I couldn't have done it without the amazing support I received from family & friends! I love you all and am so grateful for your neverending words of encouragement. I not only met my $1000 goal - I exceeded it!
#416 - ready to ride!

And so here I am, finished and in my back yard....a new derailleur, dropout and chain on my relatively new bike, which is completely covered in mud (not that you can see unless you get close up) and a backside spray from mucky water that makes an impressive 'poop your pants' look to end the day, scabbed up right knee...and a big ol' smile on my face.

The knee? That was from Sunday morning - when I repeated my first ever fall off my bike. Unclip one side, shift weight to look at tires, fall on face like a crumbling mountain.
So this was my team....Hot Wheels! There was over 20 of us, cheering each other on and maybe even most important, encouraging beer at the end of a rough Day 1.

I am grateful for an amazing husband who bought parts and brought them out so the support crew could install them (who then drove me to the lunch point, skipping 27kms of riding so I could catch up to my awesome roomie who waited for me there, ensuring I was no longer the very last tour rider of the day). I'm grateful for my friends & family who emailed & texted during the ride to give some encouragement (especially at the first checkstop when I was near tears with frustration, but knew that crying wouldn't solve anything so I sucked it up and called MrP) I'm also grateful that I'm able to ride and enjoy the weekend in such a manner. My best friend's aunt, who was one of the initial reasons for me doing the ride, passed away a few days before last year's ride so I hope to continue doing the ride in Linda's honour.

Thanks for letting me share - enjoy your Monday!


  1. What an awesome post! Congrats to you for all the $ you raised and for even attempting this in the first place! You rock chickie :)

  2. yahooo!!!! Way to go!!! Wow!! you are Wonder Woman!! You go girl!!! Can we still donate? I really missed the boat on that one...I went to look it up on your FB because I thought I saw it there...and must've got distracted...ugh!! I need lots of reminders lately with year end, reports, and house. If it's not on my sticky note list, I forget!! LOL But I really would like to...MS is one of my charities :) hugs IronWoman!!

  3. Whoot, whoot, you go girl!!! A HUGE congrats on your ride and your fundraising :) Sooooo good to be part of a team and work together toward a goal. MrP gets praises for helping out too :) Way to push through, suck it up when you needed to and finishing strong - the perfect recipe for a successful ride, and what a wonderful tribute to your best friend's aunt. The new wheels are pretty snazzy too. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Well done Tanny!!

  4. CONGRATS Tanny!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! Amazing fund raising too girlie!!! Way to overcome those frustrating moments - been there! When the tears are imminent… Way to use the hubby support system :) Awesome pics (too bad you didn't share the poopy pants look!

  5. Tanny thanks for the kind words on my blog today...I was reading your post and wanted to share this with you. My gym teacher and now friend from middle school is a marathon runner, you may find her blog interesting. She will be running across the US this summer to raise money for a children can read about her on her blog! She is one of the people I admired most in my life....she is amazing, determined, unstoppable, and the sweetest person you could ever meet!

    her blog is here....

    enjoy *~*

  6. Congratulations on your achievement...truly monumental! I am in awe, truly!


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