Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let's Celebrate Easter!

While I am aware of the spiritual significance of Easter, I am not much of a church goer. That said, I can definitely get behind any holiday that increases the amount of chocolate in my household! The challenge over at the Sisterhood of Crafters this week is hosted by me...and sponsored by some of my favorite peeps - the super sweeties at AmberInk! I had the chance to meet up with the incredibly artistic Amber while I was in NY and let's just say, MrP and I loved her the moment we met. I was a TorchBearer in August of 2010, nominated by my good friend Karin and I love Amber's stamps, but I've just been the worst TorchBearer and haven't used these stamps nearly as much as I should (I blame it on my very poor ability to color and lack of the most awesome coloring utensils ever invented - copics). That said, when I was thinking of what I wanted to do for my challenge, I baked up an idea...literally!

I started with the new Hide bunny from the Bunny Love line, dropped her into Photoshop CS3 (yes, for this purpose, I'm calling her Heidi and deciding she's a girl) and flipped her, then printed her out. Covered with a sheet of wax paper, I went over the image in piping gel.

Bring in the swiss chocolate cake (very roughly iced)

And transfer the gel onto the cake
(note: if you whip you're 'crumbcoat' of icing into a fluffy mess like I did, you may need to freeze the cake a bit in order to avoid repeating this I did have heard people have done. Just saying.)

Go over Heidi's outline in a darker icing

Add stars to fill in(then realize your outline is too light and redo with darker color)

Finish re-outlining
(like a chump)

Finish tail in white and nose in pink
Add border and mini eggs
Please for the love of all that is tasty - get the Cadbury mini eggs - not the awful immitation Hershey Eggies.

Try your hand at adding Color Mist
Not bad for a first attempt. It's fun to play with!

Add "grass" in the form of green leaf icing and throw on some hiding eggs

Add a border
and skip the "Hoppy Easter sentiment because your my printing may wreck the cake

And finally, from this cute reversed version of Heidi

You get this tasty cake!

Or what I assume will be tasty.
I'm sending it with MrP to work so I don't eat the whole darn cute thing.

Now get over to the Sisterhood of Crafters blog for your chance at winning some AmberInk goodies! I'll be making the winners post on Tuesday, April 26th so you'll have until noon on Sunday, April 24th (my 30th birthday, thank you very much!) to get your entries in.
To view the most awesome design team map, check out what Amber did here!
And see if you can find me...


  1. Love the cake, Tanis! Well done transferring the image over and the decorating is fabulous. Enjoy eating it :)

  2. Mind = BLOWN! Tanny girl, how do you do it? I think you must be sent from fairy land. I love the way you made this look easy peasy when I know if I were to attempt it frosting would end up on the ceiling. You're eggs-tra terrific.(fail)hehe. Thank you for letting me try out my puns on you. Did I mention I love this cake, because oh man, I love this cake!

  3. Hi Tanis the cake looks brilliant. What a good way of using an image love Linda

  4. What an awesome tut! You are amazing and this is so good it makes me want to try!!! Thanks for showing that you had some bumps along the way, yet were able to overcome them and turn out a masterpiece! Cute and delish...Huge fan of the Cadbury mini eggs too :)

  5. WOW, you make it look so easy. Having taken a cake decorating class, I know it's not. Wonderful cake....


  6. Yummy! What a great and tasty way to use digis! I am right there with you on Cadbury - I look forward to Easter and all the Cadbury chocolates.

  7. your talents have no limits!! Wow!! Is there any cake left? lol Not if it was here!! I have a sweet tooth! Along with chocolate you can be thankful for a 3 or 4 day Easter weekend :) That's why I say everyone should be thankful to us Catholics ;) teehee!

  8. OH. MY. SUGARY. GOODNESS. This is AMAZING!!! Really! A-MAZ-ING!!! You are a creative wonder, my friend! How about this cake?!?! And you are so right, Cadbury Mini Eggs - good, Hershey Eggies - bad... I'm just sayin'! I wish I were close enough to enjoy some of your iced wonder!!! Yum!

  9. Awesome! Thank you for the step by step directions. I am going to have to give this a try.

  10. P.S. I hope you won't mind if link to your post on my blog. I think this is so cool I want to share. My post will go live Saturday morning.

  11. WOW!!! What a brilliant idea, Tanis. And you did such a perfect job! Love, love, love this!

  12. Your cake looks amazing! Such a clever idea to use a stamp that way!

  13. Hello Tanny, this cake looks so fun and yummy, I love how you transferred the image .. so cool :) Hugs xxx

  14. Hi Tanny, just stopped by from Cheryl's blog - AWESOME tutorial, Thank you darling!!! xx

  15. Okay tanis is there anything you can't do???????? Thanks for not only some awesome eye candy but a great tutorial! Just wish I didn't look at this right before Boot Camp...

  16. Hi
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog..
    I have a husband that loves to cook and I have to train (excerise) because I cant help but eat his cakes that he cooks & I am a Personal Trainer..
    This Easter cake is great you are very clever I can't wait to see what other items you put on your blog I have become a follower..
    I hope you had a great Easter Cheers Vicki

  17. This is so DARN CUTE!!! What a FUN idea!! Thanks for the how to... gonna have to try this!!
    Hope you had a GREAT birthday!!! Had a GREAT time joining you all this month at Sisterhood!
    Have a GREAT Day!


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