Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy little Viva

Well this is the infamous "Do you like it?" *pause before answer* card =) MrP thinks it's too busy for his preference. What do you think? Background too much? Be honest! I'm giving it to them anyways because it matches the wrapping paper I used for the gifts, but it is a little busy for me, too (although I'll never admit that to MrP lest he expect me to stop harassing him about his brutal honesty).

My cousin is due in May, so I'm hoping to get some more use out of this awesome set that I just adore! Next up will be the elephant, I think. This time around, I went with the monkey because one of the gifts is a canvas bin with a monkey on it. Too cute!

Tonight I've got my riding lesson with Zeus and tomorrow, week four of my half marathon clinic. It's going well - but we'll start getting into our Sunday longer distances soon and I hope I don't crater!

What have you been up to this spring? Do you have any upcoming plans for vacation? I told MrP I'd be happy flying out to NYC for my five days off at my birthday but Westjet doesn't fly to Newark until May 1st, so we'll have an open house style party on the 30th to celebrate with friends. Can't wait! I'm still hoping to get in on the Okanagan Half Marathon as an excuse to get back to Kelowna in October...we shall see =) As it's our five year anniversary then, our usual trip would be to Banff for a non-vacation year.

Anyways, I'm hoping to play with this sketch again - as well as the latest sketch. Viva La Verve, baby!


  1. Your DP matches the wrapping paper perfectly so see why you used it. Darling little monkey too :) The only thing I would comment on is maybe a lighter blue or a yellow in lieu of the dark blue BG for the monkey. Think you did a great job with the sketch. I finished mine this weekend and just have to take a pic of it and post it tomorrow. Then on to the week 2 sketch.

    Glad to hear the 1/2 Marathon training is going well :) Better you than me I say, but I"ll be cheering loudly for you :)

    Have a fabulous day and don't worry about the 3-0. I broke that decade in for you (as well as the next one - ha!) and it was a great one :)

  2. Your card has a lot going on because the sketch has a lot going on! I would never even attempt one that hard by! That monkey is adorable and I think paired with your matching gift, it will get many "aww's" when it's opened :) We are all over the place as far as vacation plans this year, but NYC is always in the mix for us. We'll have to see if it makes the cut.

  3. aw, this card is too cute...hmm, busy? Talking to the wrong girl, here!! LOL Wait till you see one of my cards tomorrow...Mr. P doesn't know "busy!!" lol No big travelling plans here, just building a lots of "travelling" to the lot. Your party sounds like lots of fun and I'm too far away!! :(

  4. Too busy? I think not! My hubby does the same thing :) My "masculine" cards are sometimes much too fussy for his tastes LOL! This is UBER cute!!! What a great way to welcome a new little guy into the world! I'm sure your friend will love it!!
    So you've got a b-day coming up, eh?! Sounds like fun!

  5. What a super cute card for a little one. Love the cute monkey image and the colors. :o)


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