Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TE Birthday Bear

Well now that I mentioned it, I don't even want to show you my pathetic attempt at coloring. LOL! Keep in mind, I have a total of six colors - two blues (both shown here), two browns, a green and one other color that's apparently skipped my mind (purple?!)

Either way, I hope my nephew likes it. (He's five - as if he cares - it's the game Auntie got him that he'll actually want!) I used Marissa's favorite, Swiss Dots, as a simple addition to the white background, but apparently I can't take great pictures like hers that show the darn texture. LOL
I used an old Weekend Sketch Challenge (100) for the layout and some of my paper from the Taylored Expressions Key Ingredients kit for December.

Last night, I had the best ride on Zeus, the little freight train of a horse I've been riding in my lessons. By far, the best lesson we've had together. All of the horses were a little 'off' last night, but I'll take his off any day! I was so happy with him, I couldn't stop smiling. Now watch us be a train wreck next week =) Oh well - I know he has some brains in him, so now I know what to strive for.


  1. Oh Tanis, it's very cute! And you can even see the two colors of blue. Those copics are so seemless in the coloring, anything looks good when you use them. It's a winner to me :)

  2. I think your colouring is just fine, Tanny :D He is an adorable little blue bear. I actually had a blue bear when I was a baby! The flower with the sentiment in the middle is darling too. Great card and thanks for the honorable mention :D

  3. What a super cute little bear :) And by the by, what a great job coloring with those copics missy! They're freakin' addictive - I've steadily grown my collection. Ohh, speaking of, there's a great site, Oozak.com. They have some of the best prices for copics (especially if you create a free login name - you'll see cheaper prices when you login). They have super fast shipping and great service. They're updating their international shipping so I'm not sure what it would be like right now. I swear I'm not affiliated in any way, nor am I receiving any kickbacks (although it sure sounds suspicious, huh?):) Just thought I would pass on that little tidbit :)
    Reading about your riding lesson makes me miss riding :) Just that awesome feeling that comes after a great lesson when things are clicking :)
    So enjoyed reading your comments on my blog - you always make me laugh :) Hope you have a great evening and sorry I've now exhausted your eyes!

  4. On Tanny I think you did a great job coloring the image. Very sweet teddy and the addition of the flower is perfect.

  5. this is adorable!!! Yeah, I hear ya on the cards being lost on anyone other than women ;) His mom is sure to love it :) How's the weather in Ed.? We are still having really warm weather (+7)

  6. Oh Tanny ... you did a GREAT job on this creation! LOVE it!!

  7. This card is adorable! You did a great job on the colouring and maybe in time you might grow your collection of copics? I'm sure your nephew will like....the game but his mom might just keep this wonderful creation.

    Hope all is well with you in Ed.

  8. Tanny this card is great! Your coloring is fab, don't be hard on yourself! Your little nephew will love it, because you made it for him! I love it!
    Kim xXX

  9. What are you talking about. It's beautiful and I just love that color....it's so soothing. Nothing wrong with your coloring :-) Love the card.


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