Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remember this sweetie?

Bigsby the cute?
(okay - I added in the cute part, but he's my favorite kind of mouse....artistic!)

Well he's now available on Karen's Doodles, a new website launched today. Karen (Doodle Queen) is amazingly talented and you'll be sure to find lots of wonderful, whimsical doodles as she continues to add to the site.

The super talented Dawn (Doodle Princess) is managing the Doodle Diva website where you can find a ton of inspiration with Karen's adorable works of art.


  1. How come I am craving cookies already? Must be I'm having coffee as I read your blog!! LOL So adorable...I strive to colour like you!! He is so sweet and reminds me of when my son would put out cookies for Santa when he was little :)

  2. I always forget about the cookies for Santa!! but then my kids remind me cookies for Santa and carrots for raindeer. For my first few christmas I remember putting out a beer for Santa along with some nuts....then as I got older apparently he couldn't drive the sleigh after having a beer so we started putting out cookies and milk. Found out later that it was because my Grandpa quit drinking. LOL.

  3. Darling image and wonderfully coloured :D I'm in the mood for choc. chip cookies all of a sudden....LOL!

  4. Your layout is great and I like the pierced border. Good job with the coloring!

  5. Hi Tanny! This is super adorable! Love your layout - it showcases the main image so wonderfully!

  6. He is very darling! I love your design on this one.
    Kim xXx

  7. love the curvy bits....mind if I CASE?

  8. I think 'the cute' is very appropriate! just perfect, in fact! :)


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