Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Friends...

Well I thought I'd have a project from last night's crafting time with Chelsey, but truthfully, we did more visiting than crafting, which was wonderful. I'm so glad to have such a great friend who lets me vent, listens better than anyone and loves me no matter what. I'm even more blessed that I have a few friends this wonderful...guess I must have done something right =) Honestly, Chels - thank you!

After many weeks of stressing, I've decided to let go of some obligations in hopes of refocusing on my priorities and regaining some enjoyment out of the simple things. The word 'overwhelmed' seems to be in my complaints to MrP a lot lately. I started this blog for a stress release and lately, it's felt more like an obligation than an enjoyment, so I've decided to just post when I feel like it and have something to share and not stress because I don't have a daily post. I don't know how you daily posters do it - maybe you're just better able to keep things in perspective and for that, I give you heaps of credit!

In decluttering 'must do' items from my To Do list, I've also resigned as a Guest Sketch Challenge Designer for Scrap N Stamp, effective December 1st and given my notice to the ladies at Digital-Ink Co. When the joy of crafting has returned, I hope to participate in some challenges, but in a true participant sense (and with a chance, like anyone else, of winning!) I understand if the lack of daily inspiration changes your mind about being a follower, so please don't feel like you have to leave me on your list. I will continue to check out other blogs that inspire me and will post when the mojo blesses me with something worthy =)

Thanks so much for allowing me to vent. I thank you for keeping me inspired with your amazing work!


  1. Total respect to you for knowing when to say when...I have only been at this since the summer and I'm secretly wondering when I am going to "hit the wall" So far, I'm still good, and I will be looking forward to whenever you post! :)

  2. Hiya Tanis!
    Totally know wher you are coming from hun! Hope to see some future works of art soon!!
    BIG hugs,
    Teri x

  3. My blog is my release too - but thankfully I have no obligations so it remains a fun and stress-free zone. Glad you are taking the time to refocus - I think many would say that they would like to work at something they love (and a very lucky few can say that :)); however, turning a passion or joy into a "job" can sadly come with consequences... especially when you already have a full time job :)
    You have been very supportive of me (you were my first follower:)) so I'll be patiently awaiting your amazing, inspiring creations! I'm absolutely hanging around :) Take care!

  4. Though I will miss your cards each morning...I'm glad you have taken a step back and realized what it's all about...the joy of card making :) I know we've talked about it before...feeling like you have to do it all...but the challenges and companies are never ending !! Can we say "World Card Making day challenges!!" LOL I am a loyal "follower" and will see you pop up on my Blog List when you have something you want to share, not have to need to rest up for your PTI order!! LOL That will get the mojo going :) Sending you hugs from BC!!

  5. I know where you are coming from girlie! Doing what you just did was the best choice I could make as well. Trust me, you get your mojo back and you start to enjoy it alot more. Even though my other blog is going strong, the crafting was my true hobby and it is actually my stress relief now instead of obligation. I even was able to make Christmas gifts and I enjoyed it! I will still be a follower and will still keep in contact with you until you send me a restraining order though! You are the ONE true friend I have made in the blogging world!

  6. Congratulations on making the decision, Tannis, and by doing so keeping your priorities in order (((hugs))!! Life is too short to be stressed out and not able to enjoy that which brings you joy! I'll be watching for your posts on my reader and looking forward to what you have to share, whatever it may be :D If you need a giggle, know that we are in for another doozie of a wind and rain storm out here today and tomorrow with wind gusting at 70 - 90 klicks - ugh! However, I still think I"ll take wind and rain over -40C LOL! Blessings to you and enjoy your extra extra "free" time :D

  7. I love your work Tanny! I will keep you in my prayers and visit you when I see new things posted. You are still such a good friend and provide such inspiration to me! God Bless,
    Kim xXx

  8. You know how I feel so I won't bore everyone else with the details (trust me's a good thing!)

    Just wanted to tell you I'm proud of you!!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. Awe Tanis I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so overwhelmed....and just because you don't have a post everyday doesn't mean that your blogging friends won't be around. I have you're email and you have mine. Crafting is suppose to be something you enjoy not a chore. It's about creating when you feel inspired not when you're on a time limit.

  10. Hey Tanis, I know the feeling of which you speak. Trust me, your loyal followers will be there whenever you are....I think we all go through times like this. I myself plan to do more quilting in the next few months and less card-making.


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