Thursday, August 23, 2012

CAS Love Story : AnniVERVEsary Challenge

The fourth Anni-VERVE-sary Challenge was a Clean and Simple Card. I think CAS used to be my specialty...but now I absolutely suck at them. I really struggle not to overdo it now that I've got such a collection of papers, ribbons & embellishments. I did, however, keep this card pretty simple. I think I may use it as a reminder to MrP.

Last night I took out MrP with another of my work rotations. They're doing teambuilding events for each of the three rotations, followed by a supper where spouses are invited to join. MrP has now joined me for two of them and he joked around last night that he's not sure he likes me working here since I'm with so many attractive young men. I reminded him I'm the office's old lady and he's got nothing to worry about :) Besides that, I'm more in love with him now than the day we were married...almost six years ago!


  1. aw, you've got me tearing up :) You two are so sweet together. This is a perfect love CAS...sweet, simple and to the point :)

  2. Love the card!! The touches of bling are perfect! If you are the old lady in the office I'd be the grandmother LOL! You two make the perfect couple :)

  3. So, so sweet and he will love it. My hubby likes the simple cards best. Sheesh, if you are the old lady in the office, do a bunch of pre-schoolers work there ;)?

  4. Your card is gorgeous! I love your CAS design and the pop of red.


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