Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warm Wishes : Sisterhood Challenge & JUGS Sketch 118

Using the Just Us Girls 118 - Sketch Challenge as the basis for this wintery little number, which is on it's way to my grandparents, I created this card for The Sisterhood of Crafters' Let It Snow challenge. The idea: create a winter themed card or project.

My little Verve mitts were perfect. PLUS, I got to use my previously unloved scalloped edge nestabilities. I really wanted to try this faux embossing technique, so I cut out three kraft snowflakes as the 'squares' in the sketch. Yep - this was a big stretch for me, as I'm usually a rule follower to the enth degree. Alas, I'm trying to branch out ;)

Also, up until yesterday, it's been so nice here that I've had a hard time doing much in the way of wintery crafts. I mean, when you're +8C in January, you're doing pretty good! Unless, of course, you're looking to haul your friend out to the countryside for a little XC skiing and there's no snow in sight. Then you're just darn outta luck. But it's now supposed to be about -13 today, so we're well on our way to frosty cool and hibernation mode. ;)

I started my snowboarding lessons last night. Let's just say I think I may have underestimated what I was getting myself into after my two hours of riding last time. I fell on my butt so much that I actually stayed seated a couple of times when I was doing up bindings for a bonus second or two just so I could chill the impending bruise. Now I know how MrP felt last time!

Oh well - Happy Wednesday everybody!


  1. Great card, Tanny :) Love the punched snowflakes for the faux embossing and way to work outside the box on the sketch! Touch of sponging around the image is a great touch. Hope your buns are okay today...I've heard about that issue when learning how to snowboard, but you'll be a pro in no time. I on the other hand, being the ancient thing that I am, am a skier with two boards on my feet so as to have the option of an outrigger leg if needed LOL! Have a great day and stay warm!

  2. You go you rule breaker you!! Love all that Vervey goodness! I don't snowboard, but I here you spend most of your time on your butt, so you must have been doing it right!!

  3. What a great card Tanny! I love the snowflake die cuts for the "squares" and the spongeing highlighting those darling mittens is such a perfect touch. I am certain that your grandparents will be tickled to receive this beauty. Stay warm...

  4. Nicely done - thanks so much for getting sketchy with JUGS.

  5. LOL! I wanted to take snow boarding lessons until a friend told me about the butt bruises :) I think I'll stick to skis for now :)
    Another fabulous card! LOVE the faux embossing and the fabulous sponging! Beautiful work girl! Thanks for playing along with Just Us Girls!!!

  6. Lovely card! I love the craft and the cute blue mittens.


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