Monday, December 5, 2011

Packers and a Boat Tour - Last Days of Chicago

On our way back to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin (and another fabulous day of weather!) We were so lucky to enjoy such a warm streak, making both of our Packer games fantastic experiences.

Enjoying some Honey Weiss on the way to Green Bay

MrP enjoying the luxury bus

The one sign we didn't get a picture of last time around - for MrP's former fave player

Taking advantage of the festivities at the Tailgate Party at Brett Favre's Steakhouse

Shana & I with some G men

MrP & I at Lambeau Field

18" of comfort....and they're not kidding!

Love it! (The Vikings current QB is Ponder)

Enjoying the game

Clay Matthews (52) getting ready for the game (aka wetting the hair )
It's good to know he's not the sweat monger he appears to be once the game starts

MrP and The Packer Pope

A group of us from the Ultimate Fan Tour

On our last day (Tuesday), we took the advice of Shana & Jeff and headed over to check out the Architectural Boat Tour of the Chicago River.

Mallards on the river
Lake Point Tower, the only skyscraper in this direct area, the builders found
loopholes that were quickly adjusted before others could build in the area.

As we discovered, I'm not such a fan. I like some of the more art deco &
gothic style architecture like the Wrigley Building with it's clock tower

Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge

Batman Begins/Dark Knight anyone?! This is the old Chicago post office (left) that
functioned as the bank being robbed at the beginning of the movie.

Used to be one of the largest buildings in the world, Merchandise Mart
It used to have it's own zipcode and was only opened it's design showrooms to the public in 2010.

More my style!

MrP enjoys some modern buildings
I believe the mirrored one ahead was Trump's

Tallest building in the world with a woman-led design team, Aqua

Chicago skyline - it really was a beautiful day for a ride on the river
(which is no longer "Toxic", but now just "Polluted")

I hope to get back to Chicago one day soon! So much more to see, do (and eat!) =)


  1. Great pictures as always, Tanny :) Love some of the buildings too. So fun that you got to travel out there to enjoy the game.

  2. Awesome pics!! It's a great time to be a Packers fan :0 Of course, it's always a great time to be a Packers fan (I have always told my hubby that if I weren't a Jets fan, I'd be a Packers fan ;)). Sorry, not the Pats… :D
    Gorgeous chicago pics! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love reading your travel logs...Makes me feel like I was there! It was great to see that big blue sky behind the buildings too, since I think that bright color will be a distant memory for a good while...Looks like so much fun!


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