Monday, December 26, 2011

Nesties Storage

I've been working on this project for a little bit, but finally finished it up today, so I wanted to share. This is how I'll be storing my nesties. It was easy, affordable and can be hidden by switching the side of the door that it's hanging on (which happens to be our server/storage room door that is also in my craft area)

It was easy to create with a sheet of corrugated plastic from Home Depot (to ensure it was light weight), over the door hangers (also from Home Depot) and some rolls of magnetic tape from Canadian Tire (I'm sure Home Depot carries those, too, but I hate that store, so when it was just me shopping, I went to Canadian Tire. Is it just me or does Rona make more sense?! Apparently Rona was designed by/for women and Home Depot was designed for/by men, so I've heard).

Anyways, it's a fast & easy storage for my addiction and I thought I'd share in case anyone else has a Cuttlebug folder overflowing with nesties! HAHA (Note: I also have one more row free - as MrP pointed out - so I can buy more. I think that was encouragement?!)

I went to the gym and avoided shopping today. Hope your Boxing Day was a good one, my fellow Canadians ;)


  1. Impressive collection of Nesties, Tanny :) Great idea for storing them. I agree with the Home Depot issue, mind you they are usually much larger too.

    Trusting you had a great Christmas and are enjoying your time off :) Sent you an e-mail but think it may have been your work one...? I'm losing it here!

    Regardless, hope Santa was good to you, as well as MrP :)

  2. Doesn't organized stuff make you so happy!? It looks great and like you said, room for! Unfortunatley this is where I store my punches, over the door in one of those clear pocket shoe holders. Love this storage idea, especially the lightweight concept :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is FABULOUS Tanny! WOW look at all those dies ... I probably have as many but with them not being organized as well as yours I can't tell! LOL! Unfortunately I don't have a DOOR in my crafting cave to utilize this fabulous organizing idea but I may be able to modify it and extend it down from the rafter onto the wall ... hmmm now you have my brain swimming with organizing ideas! Thanks!
    Either way ... GREAT JOB ... looks fabulous and how wonderful to see at a glance which die you need for the project you're working on! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Love your storage! Mine are in an accordion folder but I love this as you can see them all at once :) Thanks for sharing!


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