Friday, September 30, 2011

Enjoy The Journey

Maybe it's just me, but I thought the VivaLaVerve September 2011 Week 4 Sketch was TERRIFYING! Where my friend Marisa used to find skewed panels stressful, I found these darn olive panels made me a little crazy. I did, however, persevere and I think it works for this somewhat manly card that I'm giving to my coworker who's leaving.

He's so sweet - he told me he thinks I missed my calling - that I should be making cards rather than working here. Unfortunately, making cards doesn't pay the bills. I'll miss him, so I wanted to be sure he knew it. I tucked a little Tim Card into it so he can keep up his 2/morning coffee fix for a couple days into his new job.

I stitched! Yes, it's sad, but I am proud of myself and my little bit of stitching I managed to do for this card. I haven't made time to get to know my machine at all, so I'm still working with a yellow-ish thread, but wouldn't know if I didn't tell you ;)

So a little bit of spontaneity in our household on Wednesday...MrP called me after lunch and in the course of our conversation told me about a trip he heard on the radio that featured four nights in Chicago, a Blackhawks/Oilers hockey game and a charter bus to Green Bay for a Packers/Vikings Monday Night Football game. Well since neither of us wanted to say "no", we pulled our grown up unders on and signed up. So we'll have 11 days at home after San Francisco and Napa, then we'll be off to Chicago for Remembrance Day. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!

I've been eager for October for a while and now it's almost here...and I can't wait!


  1. So glad your coworker loved his card :) That's why I love making cards as you can personalize a card for someone and make their day. I'm sure he will treasure it and the Tim's card ;)

    You little jet setter you! From coast to coast none-the-less!! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and seeing pictures already! Have a great weekend!

  2. You guys are incredible!!! I love the spontaneity!!!! Sounds like so much fun!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! My hubby and I have no kids but I can't do anything without careful planning LOL!!! Well, somewhat careful planning ;)

    Girl, this card is AMAZING!!! Seriously fabulous!!! I LOVE those stitched panels (look at you go with those mad sewing skills!!!). I can see why he loved this amazing card!!!

  3. How awesome is your fall shaping up to be??! Can we come?! Chicago is just a great city, lots to see and lots to eat :) You will have do a do a few extra bike miles in Napa to prepare for all your taste-y travels...Oh and you totally did that sketch proud. Love the stitching!


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