Monday, October 25, 2010


Well I got my second cold in four weeks at the end of last week and ended up 'wasting' the weekend by laying on the couch and watching TV for almost the entire 3.5 days. Yep - three and a half days. My boss sent me home at noon on Thursday and I already had Friday off. Thursday we'd had tickets for a wine appreciation class and I was too cheap to waste my ticket, so I sniffed what I could, sipped & slurped a little of each tasting and ached through it all. I did manage to drink the entire sampling of the Australian Shiraz, though...thought I should at least do my part to drink that which I did enjoy despite the illness =)

Friday, I had a pedicure/manicure appt with Chelsey to use our Groupons (LOVE those darn fabulous discount coupons!), so I went & enjoyed that, then off to the doctor's office for a prescription refill. When I complained about my second cold in four weeks, he informed me that there's over 350 strains of the common cold, so I guess that's my clue to shut up or else I might end up with many more of them. Bailed on hot yoga and spent the evening laying with my kitty on the couch.

Saturday was more of the same, aside from a trip to the dry cleaners and meal prep place for pick up. Oh yeah - and a trip to the wine store for some back up wines for our little collection. I also made some faux Levain Bakery Dark Chocolate PB chip cookies. SO DELISH! Sunday I managed to get a few things done around the house and even created two cards for upcoming occasions, including my 4 year anniversary tomorrow. I can't wait to share that card with you...and even more, to share it with MrP because of the gift within.

I love surprises, but for whatever reason, I always second guess myself when it comes to surprises for him. I question whether he'll like it as much as I like the idea of it, if it's even a good idea, etc. Now that I've had two weeks to reflect on it and possible reactions, I just hope that he'll enjoy his gift. =)

I'm also hoping to relax and enjoy my upcoming vacation with Rose - one week in the Riviera Maya - November 21st to November!


  1. Soooooo nice to hear from you, Tanis :) Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well :( My daughter was home from school for a week with one of the bugs going around here and is just getting over a chest cold. Hope she's getting it over and done with early so nothing comes up later!

    Don't second guess yourself about MrP's pressie. My hubby says the thought behind the gift means so much more at times. I'm sure he will love it and be singing your praises :)

    Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing Mr P's card.

  2. Don't even get me started on the cold stuff...We have been dealing with it ever since we got home from vacation. Ick! I hope you feel better soon especially since you are going somewhere fab again :)


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