Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Celebrating Our 4 Year Anniversary!

I'm so excited to share the card I created for MrP! I used a Verve sketch from the World Cardmaking Day challenges and the very cute Love Monkey set, as well as the Love Story set for the Anniversary sentiments (big & small). I sparkled up my little love monkey with some sakura gel pen (but you can only really tell when you click on it to zoom in), so he's sparkling with as much excitement as I am to give this card to MrP. You see, it also contains his gift!

I've purchased tickets for his favorite NFL team's second last home game, so we'll go see the Green Bay Packers play on December 26th at Lambeau Field! According to the Sunday Night Footbal guys, this is a MUST DO for football fans (especially Packers fans) and should be on every NFL fan's bucket list. So this year, we'll be able to cross it off ours. I even bought myself a little GB toque so I can put it on while MrP reads the card - and let him know I'm ready to support his team!

I only hope I've been able to keep the secret well enough. I've been so excited and nervous about this surprise that I've asked just about everyone for feedback on whether it was a good idea or not. I'm awful at surprising MrP, as I never know his reaction and it makes me anxious. But I hope I get the reaction I've been thinking I'll get - total glee!

*update* HE WAS SPEECHLESS! When he had time to think beyond the game, he  suggested we try making reservations for Alinea in Chicago, but they're not open on Mondays - the only day we'd be able to make the trip. Turns out, we'll just have to do that as part of our eventual trip to Lexington for the Derby.

Tonight, off to Madison's Grill for a delicious Menu Suprise! =)


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! And what an awesome, awesome gift you gave him :) So full of thought and love...lucky Mr. P! Have a glorious day and wonderful evening :) Are you still wearing the toque? LOL

  2. I wish I could have been there to see his face LOL! You hit a grand slam home run by the sounds of it :) You can't go wrong giving a sports fan tickets to their favorite teams games. Well done!! Gave my hubby a USC t-shirt (his fav. college football team) and he loved it.

    Darling little monkey on the card and I love how he sparkles :) Great use of that sketch.

    Happy anniversary!!

  3. Woo-Hoo! Happy Anniversary! That is such an awesome gift :) Have a wonderful dinner and love how the green card coordinates with the gift... How crafty of you!

  4. Awesome gift, but I was totally confused at first. You see I am clueless about pro ball, and I immediately saw the GEORGIA logo, how 'bout them dawgs! Just shoot me now, LOL! Glad you are over your cold and also glad your love monkey liked his gift!

  5. You are inspiring - seriously - This is a life well lived ;-)

  6. Happy Anniversary Tanny - sorry it's a bit belated :(
    So glad Mr. P loved the tickets!!! What an awesome gift - what's not to love?! Especially since they beat the Jets this past weekend... you can only imagine the conversations at the Meadowlands that day -LOL!!! "putrid" comes to mind ;) Sad for me but glad for Mr. P :)

  7. WEll aren't you just the sweetest wife. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. The card is adorable and I love the folds of it.


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