Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Weekend in Snapshots

I'll be around to check out blogs today because I'm back - and a little revitalized after checking out the Spruce Meadows Masters this weekend and then enjoying a couple days in Banff at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for a work meeting. Here's a few of my weekend faves...

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead
Beezie Madden & Judgement
for Judgement's Retirement Festivities (he rec'd a HUGE bucket of carrots!)
Oh the fun that was had!! (If you don't count the second night in our hotel, which was spent above a rockin' wedding celebration until 1am...)
I also have a little comparison - two lights vs. four with the light box...
There's a few less shadows with four lights and I find it easier for editing if I have the four lights going (less shadows means less color correction extremes).


  1. I think it turned out better with the four lights even though you can't tell that much! Don't eat too many of those Almond Joys at they weren't melted too bad!

  2. Banff Fairmont!! You lucky girl. Glad to hear you're revitalized. TFS the light comparisons. Good to know when I finally get around to making my light box. That's why my "couch" card didn't photograph too well. I couldn't wait until morning to post it.

  3. Thanks! So I guess I'm off to Home Depot for 2 more lights!! I couldn't get taken with teal to show up correctly the other day. It looked like turquoise. When I try to fiddle with the saturation level, the teal was corrected but the red on my ribbon went pink. Any hints for that? Oh! My husband and I were at the Banff Springs in July for our 2nd anniversary!! We stayed one night and went to the Banffshire restaurant for dinner...I felt like a movie star!!!! It's so beautiful there :)


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