Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Gift

The friends of ours who were married in Kelowna in July still have this gift sitting on our kitchen table.  We'll be seeing them half way through October and I'm quite looking forward to giving it to them as a part of their wedding gift. I redid the green layer between the wedding paper and the photo so it's even and I was quite happy with how it turned out (but was too lazy to retake the photo since I'd wrapped it) They were married at a golf course and their wedding favors were the two golf balls on the sides. The third we purchased at the course where they were married on that crazy stormy night. 

Having now been to Kelowna, we can't wait to return in a year or two for the wine & food festival =) Wait - I may have a bit of a wine & dine problem....I had just a little too much fun at the wedding last night! Oh well - thank goodness for restful Sundays! Only one card to create. Head over to Karen's site to check out the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge.


  1. fabulous! I'm sure they will love it!

  2. What a wonderful gift! So glad you had a good time! ;)

  3. Hi Tanis! I LOVE this project - so beautiful and such a lovely gift. Your blog is wonderful and full of inspiration :)
    Also wanted to pop back around and thank you for following my blog :)

  4. haha, LOL...I'm feeling the same way after the reunion!! I didn't come up to the studio until 3:00!! Usually I'm here by 8:00 am!! Had a blast, though...hope you did too. This is such a beautiful and creative gift I'm sure they will treasure. I love how you incorporated their theme :) We gave out Lucky 7 scratch and wins at our wedding as we were married on 07-07-07 :) and little silver frames that doubled as the place cards on the tables. Kelowna has 2 great scrapbooking stores...I think we talked about it during the Anniversary release in August. Have you been?

  5. I love it.. so I am sure they will :)

    Jessica Lynn


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