Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Official - I'm a Half Marathoner!

Before I go take my ritualistic post run nap, I wanted to post a few pics that MrP took of my big race =) Marisa - we did it!! According to the Live times, 2:24:48 was my finish time.
When I first started the clinic, I wrote a 2:45 finish as my realistic goal. Today, I wore a 2:30 pace band as I ran and each time I passed a mark, I said to myself "I'm going faster than the pace...I don't know if I'll be able to keep this up". When I was getting close to the late stages, I thought "Oh my - I just need to keep moving and I can beat 2:30...and I did!

EDITED TO ADD Official Race Times
Gun Time: 2:24:48
Chip Time: 2:23:19

 Last 100 meters - and smiling!

My slave driver who kept after me for four years to join a half clinic - thanks, SB!

Two old friends and one new one - with me!

Taking a bite of victory...LOL!
Finally, while I was chatting with my friend, MrP snapped this one.

He asked if I was still food motivated. I of course said "Heck yeah!" and he said if I'm up for it, he made a reservation for a celebratory supper so we're off to one of Edmonton's hot spots for delish dining, Corso32, tonight. I think he loves me ;)


  1. ACK!!! Huge congrats!!! This is an amazing accomplishment...I am so inspired by how you set goals and how you plan your way through the whole training process!! I bet Mr. P is soooooooo proud and very proud to take you was dinner?!! YaHOOOOOOOO!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!! CONGRATS Tanny!!!! Look at you just obliterate your goal time!!! AWESOME!!! Maureen is so right, what an AMAZING accomplishment!!!! Be proud my friend!!! Hope you enjoyed your celebratory dinner :) How was it? What a great guy ;)

  3. Ok, totally tried to comment last night, but Blogger was a booger :( Congrats to you, you awesome chickie! You really are amazing and I think you should go treat yourself to a pedicure now that your belly is full :)


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