Monday, April 12, 2010

My next vacation is official!

Sorry - more than a little excited as New York was to be our 2008 vacation destination until we were married in San Diego in 2006 and MrP developed an awful un-love of flying. Well, so did I, but I've gotten over mine in the years since (for the most part), but he remains very dopily medicated for each and every flight he takes. 

As a result, the hours required to fly to New York were a little much, resulting in a trip to San Francisco instead, which in turn resulted in my absolute favorite vacation of all time. I LOVE that area! (as evidenced by my blog header?! Yeah....I took that...along with a few photos that decorate our house that were taken in Muir Woods) Plus, we bought a picture something like this that I had to have from the California Academy of Sciences because I thought it was too awesome that they had a picture of a beaver. As it turns out, it's a California Sea Otter...and I feel like an idiot every time I look at this cutie in our somewhat aquatic bedroom.

Anyways, now that I've embarassed myself further by reiterating that ridiculous tale, back to the good stuff! We've booked our flights from Edmonton to Newark for Sept 7-15 with my fave airline and now it's time to book some sporting fun. We'll hit up the Yankees game on the 8th against the Orioles, *fingers crossed* the Jets home opener and possibly check out a match in the US Open (tennis tournament for those not 'in the know'). Maybe if I'm a REALLY good girl in the meantime, we'll luck out with tickets to see Federer, Nadal, Roddick or the Williams sisters. I'd be pumped for any of them. But we're 'event' people, so it won't really matter who we see...I can't wait!

After our amazing experience at The French Laundry in 2008, my goal became to eat at a whole lot of Michelin 3 star restaurants. Well, in truth, I said every one, but that's a WHOLE lot of fine dining - and most of it's in the UK and France, so that's really unlikely given my travel companion's aversion to flying. This time around, we're aiming to visit Le Bernardin for one of our meals. (To get an idea of how exclusive a three star rating is, there's one in the San Francisco area (The French Laundry), one in Las Vegas, five in New York for a total of seven in the United States and a grand total of 85 in the world. Sadly, there's not one in Canada. Heck, there's not even a single Michelin star. I think this might be an oversite?! HAHA)

Sadly, I did not have a craft-productive weekend. That tends to happen when you get food poisoning, though. I'd love to meet someone who has been productive after that. I just wanted to die on Friday night, but I think we've all been there. My stomach's a fair bit flustery this afternoon, but I'm hoping that's just jitters to sign our garage contract tonight. It's what we've been saving for the last four years, but it's still a little unnerving when you see how much you're taking out of savings. Plus, I'm a worrier.

Oh yeah - and I signed myself up for another 10K in support of the Stollery Children's Hospital. Yay!

Anyways, I hope you're having a great Monday - I know I am, even with a questionably happy stomach and an apparently neverending bout of verbal diarrhea. LOL!


  1. Shut up! NYC is one of our fav places and we try to go once every 5 yrs or so. You will LOVE everything about it!!! And we went to the French Laundry on our trip to Napa and San Fran in 07! Was it not amazing??? Crazy price tag, but worth every penny!

  2. Tanis I love your updates...they are always so cute and funny! You're so lucky to be going to NYC. What an awesome trip!! Hubby and I are still debating taking the kids to Italy to see the rest of the family....but I can't say that that would be money well spent! I'd rather he and I went on our honeymoon...finally.

  3. Are you kidding??!! The Jets home opener! In the brand new stadium! I am SOOOOO jealous :) Dang girl!!! I'll look for you in the crowd :) There's NOTHING like being at a game in person :) How awesome is the US open going to be?! NYC is certainly a place all it's own and I'm sure you will love your trip!
    I'm not even attempting to hide my green-eyed monster :D
    I haven't been by in a while and I'm going to spend a bit of time catching up now :) Take care!

  4. hope you're feeling better...what a terrible way to spend the weekend and with a friend visiting :( Your trip to NY sounds amazing...never been there so I'll expect lots of pictures and details!!

  5. Aaaaah, I'd LOVE to watch Federer and Nadal, never mind a Jets game or a ball game too. I'm going to have to live vicariously through your adventures with a little tinge of green on my face LOL! How fun!! Sorry to hear you got food poisoning. Nasty stuff that it is!! Got it in Europe once and will never forget it!!

    You'll have to post some before and after pictures of your garage for use as well as pics of your NY trip. Way to go on another 10K run too.

    Had to smile about the "beaver" story. My nickname is actually Otter and my hubby's is Beaver so we covered them both for you LOL! I just love otters (probably because they simply enjoy life!) and nver go to the Vancouver aquarium without lingering at their pool. Nothing like having such a high end diet either LOL!


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